Automotive Family Tree Spreadsheet

Welcome to the Automotive Family Tree Spreadsheet. I’ve been working hard on a spreadsheet that shows the relationship between the different manufactures. From this spreadsheet, you can create your own map using network visualization and analysis software such as NetDraw or other visualizing social network data software.

Below is a sample image of the spreadsheet. Here’s how it works: In the sample spreadsheet below look at line 70. Daimler AG (Relation1) and Ford (Relation2) have a Joint Venture (1) at 33.33% ownership, through Fuel Cell (Note). Look at line 77; Daimler AG (Relation1) owns McLaren Group Limited (Relation2), 11% (Ownership %).

The spreadsheet is raw data and nothing is turned off or on. You can manipulate the spreadsheet to what ever your needs. To try to simplify the names, I created a separate tab listing correct names; such as listing Ford Motor Company known as simply as Ford. The spreadsheet shows over 300 connections.

If you find a mistake, please feel free to email me with the link of the update.

Last updated 8/8/2019

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family tree automotive spreadsheet sample