Welcome to AutomotiveFamilyTree.com.  The only website that shows all the branches of connections, not just brand ownerships.  Leafing through this website, you will see its your one stop shop for understanding all connections between the automotive brands.   While there are plenty of websites that show who owns who in the automotive world, we are the only website dedicated to displaying joint ventures, licenses agreements, and full or partial ownership between the automotive OEM brands worldwide in an infographic and spreadsheet.

Automotive Family Tree Products

AutomotiveFamilyTree.com offers a large PDF or an Excel spreadsheet for purchase.  Or buy both at a discounted rate.
  The large PDF, 36”x48” paper size, shows all the different types of connections while the spreadsheet goes into more in-depth coverage of each OEM brand connection, with over 300 connections.


To download the ‘Automotive Family Tree’ (such as the example) in a large PDF (2.8MB, 36”x48” paper size), please click the Buy Now button below. 

This is a partial view of the PDF that can be purchased.  The different colors represents the different type of connections, broken down into joint ventures, licenses agreements, and ownerships.  If you are interested in more details, check out the spreadsheet.  AutomotiveFamilyTree does offer corporate discounts and to students with .edu email.

I have been keeping up with mergers and acquisitions in the automotive world for more than a decade

Current automotive relationships

If you find a mistake, please feel free to email me with the link of the update. 

Automotive Family Tree Spreadsheet

This is a partial view of the spreadsheet that can be purchased.  This is an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded and edited to your needs.  From this spreadsheet, you can create your own map using network visualization and analysis software such as NetDraw or other visualizing social network data software. 

The spreadsheet shows in detail the different connections among the automotive brands.  Some will demonstrate the actual percentage of joint ventures and for what purpose.  AutomotiveFamilyTree does offer discounts if interested in both PDF and spreadsheet.  AutomotiveFamilyTree also offers corporate discounts and free to students with .edu email.

Click on any of the major OEM brands listed below to see more detail infographic.
To fully understand the large scope of all connections around the global, pick here to download the PDF or pick here for the Excel spreadsheet.

Click on any of the major OEM brands listed above or below to see more detail infographic. 

This is how the diagram works: Pick on one of the major automotive brands.  Once the enlarged picture is up, follow the arrows. The arrows point to what the main company ownerships. Example: VW icon has a line drawn from VW with the arrow pointing at SEAT. VW owns SEAT. Here is an example if an automotive company that owns a percentage of another automotive group: GM icon shows a line to GM KOREA and along the line it shows 77% with an arrow pointing to GM KOREA. This demonstrates, “GM (the first icon) owns 77% (the number along the line) of GM KOREA(arrow pointing to)”. The filled squares at the end of the line represent a joint venture, license agreement or other types of agreements between two companies.

Automotive Family Tree Creator

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris
working on a Ford Model T for the Museum of Texas Tech University

About Andy

Andrew T. Harris (Andy) received his B.A. and M.S. from Texas Tech University.  Part of the Master’s degree focused on mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the automotive field. He is also an author, part of anthology from the book,  Latinos and Latinas in American Sport: Stories Beyond Peloteros (Sport in the American West), titled, ‘Adios Amigos: Bean Bandits and other Mexican American’s in the Golden Age of Drag Racing.’  Harris continues to study the history of motor sports and its impact on minorities. 

Over the past decade, Harris studies the merges and acquisitions between the different automotive manufactures in a global context.  This website is used by some of the leading automotive manufactures and automotive suppliers throughout the world.  The website is often sited in many academic master theses and Phd dissertations.  A leading automotive supplier invited Harris to Leon, Mexico to speak about the current affairs of ownerships and joint ventures among the automotive OEM brands at the Vicente Fox Center of Studies, Library and Museum.

Harris and his wife reside in Colorado.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching F1 racing, sports car racing, and baseball.

About This Website

This website has been used in GQ magazine (Taiwan) for their special car issue.  The website has been used widely from industry leaders, such as: Willams Technology Centre (Williams F1), NUMMI manufacture, PACCAR, BASF, Stahl Leinfelden GmbH, and many many others, including being studied at Departamento de Engenharia de Produção, UFSCAR – Sorocaba (Brazil). 

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